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Tactical Gear

Complete head-to-toe tactical gear and accessories for police and military requirements.

Laser Speed-Detector

Wide-range of sophisticated equipment for road safety and traffic enforcement.

In-Car Radar

Innovative radar solutions used in patrol cars for reliable traffic detection.

Traffic Management​

Provide tailor-made system solutions for road safety and traffic management.

Traffic Enforcement​

Provide tailor-made system solutions for security and traffic enforcement.

Equipment Training​

Provide comprehensive product training by our local and foreign expert trainers.

TruCam Training

We have been providing one week Trucam training per session. The training starts off with The Components and Toolsets of Trucam, followed with the training of the participants on The Procedure to Operate the Speed Laser-Detector Device during the day and night operations. The participants are required to sit for the Trucam Training Exam before being awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Theory Classes

Day-Operation Training

Night-Operation Training

TruCam Training Exam

Certification and Closing Ceremony

TruCAM Inspection with Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia (JKR)

The laser speed detecting devices supplied by us are inspected by the JKR authorities twice a year with our assistance. This is to ensure the devices are capable to capture accurate speed and distance during operation. This procedure involves Instrument Test and Confidence Check, Static Test and Moving Test.

Instrument Test and Confidence Check

Static Test

We recommend every devices undergo this test to ensure each devices are capable of measuring accurate distance.

Moving Test

This test is to ensure each devices are capable of measuring and returning accurate speed and distance reading.

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